Party of the year – Dara Carm

It was a lovely night thank you
Fortunately the scene was just as I had envisaged when the function was first mooted.
Drinks on the deck overlooking a blue sea with the sunlight catching the hulls and masts of the yachts and Arthur’s Seat forming the background to the Bay, followed by a lovely meal sitting inside in the comfort the dining room provides.
And although that scene was initially in my head as being held in the middle of a sunny day, it worked perfectly on Saturday evening.
The table settings were magnificent, simple but with class, and arranged perfectly.
Your staff were absolutely fantastic and made sure every need, not that there were many, was met.
It was ‘service with a smile’ all night. And then some.
The food was superb resulting in ME receiving glowing compliments which made me feel good, but surely should have been given directly to the chef and those in the kitchen.
The wines were equally commented on in the affirmative and were enjoyed enormously by each and every guest.
I was so proud.
Proud of the amazing venue which was so impressive to those who hadn’t visited the SSCBC before, and knowingly by those who had, proud of the friendliness of the ‘crew’ lead capably and unflappably as usual by Cally, proud of the wonderful quality, choice and presentation of the food and the beverages and proud of the happy, successful and enjoyable evening that resulted from all of the above.
Thank you for all you did.
Thank you to Cally, Kirsty, Dave et al. They were all fabulous.
Thank you for helping the celebration of the passage into my REALLY old age a successful and joyous one and for giving me and my guests a night to remember.